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JavaScript and Angular in-house course


JavaScript and Angular in-house course

YOU are the greatest project that you will ever have. Continuous learning and dedication are the keys to creating a better You. It is not a rare phenomenon that people get scared of trying and learning new things because they fear failure, and usually end up stuck in their comfort zone. That is why we have built a supportive community here at Mistral, that pushes and inspires each other.

When there is an interest or a need, there is a course at Mistral. Many have shown interest in becoming more skilled in making expressive, readable, and quick to develop environments and in building dynamic, interactive web sites with stylish animations. That is why, on Mistral’s quest to encourage lifelong learning and the sharing of it, we initiated yet another internal course - JavaScript and Angular. 

The 10-week course is actively attended by 43 people. Due to a different level of foundation knowledge, the interested parties are divided into 3 groups.

The first group consists of people who are relatively new to the world of programming, like some of our brilliant designers. During the course, they will learn about more basic concepts of programming and ‘behind the scene’ logics and functions. They will gradually be introduced with JavaScript and have an opportunity to work on real tasks, hands on, during each session. It gets even better! Everyone will get an individual mini-project where they will apply the newly acquired knowledge.

The second group consists of our talented QAs, people who deal with code daily but do not write it personally. This group will become very friendly with JavaScript and Angular basics, focusing mainly on app debugging. This will further develop their problem-solving skills and make them an even greater asset to any dev team. They will also be tasked with an individual project.

The third group is a group of developers who have little to no experience with AngularJS. This group will work on a full-stack project, using Assembla for the task distribution, and Git as a version control. Every code commit is going to be reviewed by the mentor. The advice given during the review process will help everyone improve their code quality. Since the project will be published on the server, all group members will learn something new about the whole publishing process and put the code in the production. The whole cycle follows Agile methodology.

Like every in-house training so far, this one also aims to strengthen teamwork and communication creating an even greater bond in our community. Members will get to present their work to the rest of the group in the final session. Practicing presentation skills is always a plus in this line of work!

We believe that the end of this course will result in a new beginning for Mistralovci who are attending it. A beginning of their JavaScript and Angular ownage! This is a big step forward for these exceptional individuals, as it is for Mistral. We are very proud of them and wish them best of luck.